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Expert eye care at affordable prices in Honolulu, HI

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Ala Moana Eye Care Associates LLC has been providing top quality eye care in Oahu for years. We believe everyone deserves perfect vision and we offer the finest optometry services on the island. From comprehensive eye exams and eye glass replacement to emergency eye treatments, we do it all. When you need a caring, affordable and expert optometrist, call Ala Moana Eye Care Associates LLC!

Our services

How clear is your vision? Ala Moana Eye Care Associates LLC is the leading optometry center in Oahu. We provide a myriad of vision services, including comprehensive eye exams, eye glass and frame replacements, treatments for eye scratches and foreign bodies, and much, much more. When you need professional eye care at an affordable price, there's no better choice than Ala Moana Eye Care. Call or visit us today!

Who we are

Our experienced optometrists have been serving the Oahu community for years. We can diagnose and treat any eye condition and we provide corrective products that will improve your quality of life. Our rates are affordable and should you need emergency eye care or eye glass replacement, we'll be happy to help. Visit our office in Honolulu today!

Emergency eye glass replacement

Are you on vacation and just realized your glasses are missing? Have a broken frame and no backup on hand? Call Ala Moana Eye Care Associates LLC! We offer emergency replacements when you need them. Whether you're a local or just visiting, we can get in touch with your optometrist and get you a replacement set fast! Call us today!

Comprehensive eye exams

At Ala Moana Eye Care Associates LLC, we know how important your eye health is. We offer comprehensive eye exams for all ages. Our exams include vision screening for depth perception, muscle function, eye coordination, eye health and checks for systemic diseases. We can provide affordable treatments and corrective products that you'll love. For affordable eye care at it's finest, visit Ala Moana Eye Care Associates LLC today! 
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