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Quality contact lenses can be found in Honolulu

We offer a large assortment of quality contact lenses for every need. From soft and gas permeable lenses to silicone, multifocal and color contacts, we carry top brands at a great price. We also offer comprehensive eye exams, frame replacements and Lasik procedures. No matter your need, we're here to help you see clearly. Call us today!

Eye glass cleanings and adjustments

Professional eye glass cleaning and adjusting is important maintenance for your glasses, keeping them comfortable and functioning properly is our specialty. We can repair, replace and align any frame. We can expertly clean any lens. We'll ensure your glasses fit great and work like new no matter what your prescription is. Call us today to learn more! 
Doctor testing a patient's eyes to provide quality contact lenses that can be found in Honolulu, HI

Eye exams

Routine eye exams are essential for preventing degenerative diseases and ocular problems. We'll protect your vision with our comprehensive tests and treatments. Our expert optometrists can diagnose problems with depth perception, muscle function, eye coordination and other systemic diseases. For the finest eye care in Honolulu, visit Ala Moana EyeCare Associates LLC today!

Lasik services

Our Lasik procedures provide many benefits for eligible eye glass wearers. The benefits from this surgery include: improved vision, long-lasting results, quick recovery and the convenience of no longer needing glasses. Our skilled eye doctors can quickly and painlessly take away your astigmatisim with ease. See clearly again and lose your glasses for good by scheduling an appointment with Ala Moana EyeCare Associates today!
Great lenses are just a phone call away. Call us today!
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